Bunratty Castle & Folk Park [EN]

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Bunratty Castle & Folk Park [EN]

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Tue 01 Sep, 2009 00:13

Bunratty is a must see spot in Clare county. There you'll see a 15th century castle and within its ground, 19th century daily life recreated in the Folk Park.

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Traditional 19th century Irish cottage / The village doctor's house

The castle has been 1425 by the McNamara family, on an ancient island dominating a pit, not far from the Shannon estuary, a most strategic place.

Image Image

It has been restored in 1954 and hosts nowadays an amazing collection of medieval items (around 450).
Image Image
The Great Hall which hosted banquets and hearings / "South Solar" ("Solar" designing a room on second floor at the Middle Age)

If you come to Bunratty in the late afternoon and if you have booked earlier, you can participate to a Medieval Banquet with waiters and waitresses in costume. Very enjoyable, I've just reminded I had lost the pictures I had taken when Yomghee, Snake, Digi-Nico and I had been there for the banquet but do count on them to have save some pictures...

I have done it the second time I've been to Bunratty but it was a good memory so if you're around I would advise you to give it a go and fly through time to enjoy the banquet ;)

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