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Posted: Mon 17 May, 2010 07:17
by Kowandz
These are the first two characters I have stated up. They are a team. First is Otis. Otis is a Champion of God. His concept is God's Seeing Blind Man, and his trouble is Drunken Vagrant.
Other aspects:
I See Who You Really Are
Spike is my Buddy
Got any Spare Change
Local Celeb
Sneak up on a Were-wolf(meant to be any supernatural creature, were-wolf sounded cooler.)

Superb: Lore, Conviction
Great: Endurance, Stealth
Good: Weapons, Contacts
Fair: Fists, Burglary, Presence
Average: Guns, Deceit, Empathy, Athletics, Investigation

Stunts and Powers:
Bless this House[-1]
Guide my Hand[-1]
Holy Touch[-1]
The Sight[-1](permanently open; Reason Otis is a stinking drunk now)

Finely Tuned Third Eye[-1]
Swift and Silent[-1]

Otis spent his whole life avoiding God's Call, until he was blinded in Nam. After being blinded, Otis offered himself to God for the chance to see, and was granted The Sight. Seeing everything this was has messed up Otis's mind, and he tend's to be drunk because. Still he wonders downtown and always seems to be where someone needs his help. He is followed around by a Were-Dog that seems to have lost touch with his human side. Otis always sees Spike as a dog because of The Sight, but Spike is only in dog form when fighting or playing.

HC: Loyal Were-Mutt
Trouble: Thinks He is a Dog

other aspects:
Otis is My Master
Little Beggar
Grrrr.....A Monster
I'm a Good Dog

Superb: Athletics, Alertness
Great: Endurance, Fists
Good: Stealth, Survival
Fair: Investigation, Intimidation, Deceit
Average: Empathy, Presence, Lore, Performance, Might

Stunts and Powers:
[-1]Beast Form
[-1]Echos of the Beast
[+1]Human Form
[-2]Inhuman Speed
[-2]Inhuman Strength

Spike was orphaned and raised by a pack of stray dogs. He has no idea that he is human. He is not stupid, just messed up in the head. Probably from an extreme consequence in his childhood. Some college students were making fun of Spike one day, when Otis chased them off for taunting the poor doggie. Otis fed and watered Spike that day, and now Spike is Otis's good little doggie. Because Spike really has no sense of modesty or clothing, I will allow the clothes to be taken up in transformation and returned when back to human form because I really think the character idea is cool other then that.

These characters are meant to be NPC's, but I built them as PC's to get a better feel for creation. Any input is welcome, especially on the skills
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Posted: Mon 17 May, 2010 07:31
by Kowandz
These characters are roaming the streets of Atlanta, one obviously blind who seems to see anyway, the other one acting, (sort of)looking, and being treated like a dog. They are fairly famous among the college students downtown, the students love to give them food and alcohol, and laugh at them. Some of the students have been saved by them though, and highly respect them. Otis always seems to be where he can help someone in need, even just from mundane problems like being lost in the wrong neighborhood after dark. Spike has amazing story potential, as having the PCs find out his back story could tie into other plot points. Working on my first wizard now, hope to put his story up soon

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Posted: Mon 17 May, 2010 08:50
by Chevalier Bayard
Yes Spike does have a little problem indeed :D
But remembering myself Unleashed, I realize Spike could be quite a very powerful ally when things turn to fight mano a mano :absinthe:

Good ideas are going on !! :gj:

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Posted: Tue 18 May, 2010 17:15
by Kowandz
1st wizard
Name:Nick Franklin
High Concept: Wanna-be tech boy wizard (The concept is that the character loves technology, even though being a wizard makes that a little difficult)

Trouble: Draft-dodger

I flushed this character by using the story method of character creation used in Your Story(YS). I started with the concept and the trouble and started to learn Nick's story.

Background: Nick comes from a normal middle class family in New Mexico. His parents had plenty of money, and had to have all the cool new technology as it came out. They were the first on there block to have a computer, a DVD player, and a lot of other new toys that were coming out. Nick was very young and knew nothing at all about magic, and his talents let him excel with technology. From an early age Nick loved science and technology.
Aspect: The Science of Magic (This aspect is meant to be a double-edged sword. Nick could spend Fate points to help make technology work better at opportune times, or accept Fate points to just blow up technology at inopportune times)

Rising Conflict: Any one as smart as Nick is curious about everything, and wants to know a little about near everything.
As Nick learned about magic, he learned that magic and technology don't mix. When Nick learned that magic and technology don't mix, Nick's magic learned that it didn't mix with technology. One day in class Nick had a very emotional moment. As he raged on the inside, all the computers and cell phones on campus blew up. Light bulbs, cars, calculators, flashlights, and other assorted electronic equipment never worked again. Fortunately for Nick an alchemist lived nearby. When he heard about the massive failure of technology, he had a good idea what had caused the problem. The alchemist(character is no further then that concept yet, going to be powerful, and unnecessary at this point) took Nick under his wing and taught Nick magic. Nick accepted his apprenticeship and left his precious technology behind.
Aspect: I can do alchemy too! (aspect is designed to help Nick with "on the fly" thaumaturgy, as alchemy is not evocation) (generally) (see that any idea well justified that can make the story cooler will probably be made to work) (Attack the GMs sense of cool)

1st story - "Going Home" - Nick has run away from his expected duties fighting as a warden for the White Council. His teacher the alchemist understands his mistrust of the White Council, but must maintain political decorum. Nick flees home to the border of New Mexico and Mexico. When he gets home he discovers that the Red Court has set up considerable influence on his old home. He is able to enlist the help of his former mentor plus the help of a couple of border cops in the know to repel the Red Court menace from his hometown. Nick is now highly pissed and wants to fight the vampires for his own reasons, but he is not going to listen to the council.
Aspect: Dragged into this war. (This aspect exists for compels. Nick is a sucker when it comes to fighting the Red Court. This is a Fate point feeder, as wizards start every new story with low Fate points)

1st guest story - "Rising Power" - I plan on actually writing this as a short story. I haven't written anything in a very long time and I am kind of anxious about writing the story out but this is the summary(first draft).
Nick follows his leads about Red Court activity to the city of Atlanta, GA. On his first night there he finds the local supernatural bar. He starts asking too many pointed questions about the Red Court, assuming that everyone in the bar would be against them. When he leaves the bar, he gets jumped by several Red Court vampires. Nick is doing ever thing he can against the vampires, but there are just too many of them for him. Enter Otis and Spike to save Nick's butt.
Otis and Spike are the weirdest pair of people that Nick has ever met, but Nick knows divine intervention when he sees it so he does't complain. Otis and Spike help Nick break into a warehouse that is supposedly a Red Court hideout, only to discover that the place is a trap. Within moments the authorities arrive at the warehouse to throw Nick, Otis, and Spike in jail.
24 hours later, the police are forced to release the trio. Our heros discover that a new ley line is rising up in the city, and the confluence is right at 5 Points station, downtown. 5 Points is the central hub for mass transit in Atlanta, and one of the busiest parts of the city. With no more warden left in the city to help protect people, it's left to Nick, Otis, and Spike to keep the confluence from being corrupted by the vampires.
Aspect: It's always easier with allies (another double-edged sword, the GM can throw Fate points at Nick to make him do something by himself, or Nick can use this aspect to spend Fate points when he has allies around)

2nd guest star - "Center for Disease Control" - Technically vampirism counts as a disease. Red and Black Court are infectious diseases, and White Court is hereditary. When ever there are strange, inexplicable deaths the CDC is sent in to ensure that there are no infectious diseases present. Doing this job, the CDC has encountered the supernatural many times. They have created a supernatural strike force to ensure that a sight has no hostile supernatural forces present before sending in the clean-up crew. The CDC also realizes that if the general public became aware of the existence of vampires and the supernatural that there would be panic, so they clean all evidence from the sites after the strike force has cleared the zone. They mostly focus on vampirism.
The office itself is loaded with expensive technology, so they can't have a wizard work there, so they used to contract the old warden when ever he was available to help out. The old warden is dead, and having someone like a wizard around is extremely useful when dealing with the supernatural. When Nick meets their leader at the local supernatural bar, the leader offers him a job contracting with the CDC. Nick has already decided that he can help more against the vampires from Atlanta then from New Mexico, so he accepts the job and officially moves to Atlanta.
Aspect: This is MY home now!! (Any real threat to the city of Atlanta and it's people is not something that Nick will abide by. Enter Nick's fury!) (ohhh, bad comic book joke)

Aspects seem to be one of the most important parts of the Fate system, the book goes into a lot of detail when it comes to making up the characters aspects. Say when Nick is fighting along side Otis he tries to stun one of the vampires with a taser spell. His roll comes up short by 1, so Nick spends a Fate point, declaring that It's Always Easier With Allies, to add 2 to his roll, making the spell a success. Later on, as Nick is going to do something important, and a little muscle would be helpful, the GM offers Nick a Fate point, saying that because it will be easier with allies, God has Otis say, "Wait, there is something I need to do, I'll meet up with you later!" Nick spent the one Fate point he started the story with on a spell earlier, and is forced to accept the compel, losing Otis and Spike's help for a while.

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Posted: Tue 18 May, 2010 19:10
by Kowandz
Stat Sheet for Nick Franklin
HC: Wanna-be tech boy wizard
Trouble:Draft Dodger

other aspects: The science of magic, I can do alchemy too!, Dragged into this war, It's always easier with allies, and This is MY new home!

(+5 superb): Discipline
(+4 great): Lore, Scholarship
(+3 good):Endurance, Weapons, Conviction
(+2 average):Alertness, Empathy, Rapport, Investigation
(+1 fair): Deceit, Driving, Fists, Presence, Resources

Supernatural Powers
[-3] Evocation
[-3] Thaumaturgy
[-1] The Sight
includes [-0] soulgaze
[-2] Refinement

total refresh: 1 (starting with base 10 refresh)

Evocation(earth[control bonus +2], air, spirit[power bonus +1]) -first point of refinement on earth control-
comes with 2 focus item slots
Thaumaturgy(alchemy control +2, potions complexity +1) -spent the second point of refinement on the alchemy-
comes with 2 focus item slots

Focus Items
Taser gun: Nick has bought an all plastic taser gun. In place of the batteries Nick secured a large crystal to hold power. He inscribed every inch of the plastic with intricate designs to help focus his magic. Nick uses this focus to manipulate electricity and magnetism in order to place offensive maneuvers, and to attack offensively. Offensive control +1(earth)
Bracelet of magnets: Nick bought one of the magnetic bracelets from a holistic medicine shop. He has invested quite a bit on his will into the bracelet in order to use it to casts magnetic defense spells. Defensive power +1(earth)
Toy lightsaber: Nick grew up a nerd of the first class. He loves Star Wars, and when after he discovered he could do magic he had to have his very own lightsaber. After buying the toy, Nick replaced the batteries with another large crystal and inscribed every inch of the plastic with intricate designs. He uses this in battle when he has no choice but to stand and fight. Nick is usually more of a "use my magic for maneuvers" kind of guy, but sometimes you have no choice. Offensive power +1(spirit)

Trading in last focus item for 2 enchanted items, both being used on:
Alchemy vest: Alchemy can be a dangerous thing. Alchemists tend to create themselves a vest to both hold and protect alchemical supplies, and protect the alchemist from anything that wants to go boom. Holds all alchemical supplies safely somehow, and acts as Defensive armor +4, with 3 uses per session.

Rote spells: lore is (+4 great) so Nick can hold 4 spells at Rote status. Everything about these spell must be the same each time it is cast. When casting rotes spells, no roll is required to control the spell. If a separate roll is required to target the spell (say at a moving target) that contested roll must still be made.

1 - "Confundir" - maneuver: place temporary aspect "Stunned" on target for 3 exchanges - 6 shifts of power for discipline plus focus - 3 to meet the good diffculty plus 3 turns of that the aspect sticks to the target

2 - 'Magnetizado' - maneuver: place temporary aspect "Magnetized" on floor in 1 zone for 3 exchanges

3- lightsaber - "makes bad attempt at sci-fi special effect noise" - Nick uses his will to fill the cheap plastic part of the sword with raw light energy. He then uses his focus as a Weapon:3 for 3 exchanges. His lightsaber satisfies the catch as sunlight for anything that hates sunlight.

4- "Proteger" - Nick's rote shield spell - Using the magnetic bracelet, Nick is able to create a magnetic barrier to any form of metal passing through. This includes the iron found in flesh and blood. Works as a Block:6 against any metal passing into Nick's personal space for one exchange. Nick can then spend his next turn casting an evocation from start to maintain the block for a length of time. This is a highly limited defensive spell, but Nick is never that keen to be in the front when the action starts.

Notes: Nick is not a big fan of the nevernever, seeing as magnetism is a pretty flimsy defense in a place that isn't all that physical. Nick tends to emulate technological effect with much of his magic, either that or manipulate physical forces already present. Electricity and Magnetism are his stronger effect, but he also like to play with sound, light, gravity, and the like when he can. He is going to have to figure out a better defensive spell at some point in time, but likely he will have to get stronger before that happens. Nick is my first attempt at a wizard, and came up with a lot of my ideas for what he would do by asking myself what I would do if I was Nick, so I hope he turned out pretty cool. Once others have been through the rules themselves, I would like to see if I interpreted everything right, or if anyone thinks something should be different in the stats. Thank you.

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Posted: Thu 20 May, 2010 14:17
by Chevalier Bayard
I love the wanabee tech boy wizard type. It reminds me of a PC I used to play in Mage: The Ascension eons ago.

(+ lol @Nick Fury ;))

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Posted: Thu 27 May, 2010 09:31
by Kowandz
The starting point for the campaign will revolve around the death of the Warden in charge of the deep South. The first of my PC's that I have been able to talk character with wants to do an underestimated Southern belle. Figured now was the time to get to know my dead Warden.

Henry Bailey: Warden of the Deep South

Henry grew up the child of slave parents in the deep south. His life was full of misery and hardship. At a young age he lost his mother to a fever and was all by himself. At the funeral, all he wanted to do was disappear, and he did. Because he was seen disappearing, Henry was eventually led to an old witch woman out in the bayou. She gave him his beginning teaching. She was a warlock though and the council eventually sent wardens after her. Henry had already realized she was bad news, and jumped in with the wardens at the first opportunity. After the battle, the wardens brought Henry to Edinburg to study. He did quite well there too, picking up ever thing he was taught very quickly. He was soon made a teacher himself. Then the 60's came. When the civil rights movement really got moving in the States Henry was determined to have some part in it. A story broke in Mississippi about a series of young black children going missing in a rural town. The Ku Klux Klan was suspected to be a part of the disappearances. When a child's body is finally found, the body has been exsanguinated. The council doesn't seen to want to investigate any further though, deeming this to be mortal affairs. Henry goes anyway, and discovers that 3 black court vampires have turned an entire group of Klan members into Renfields. The vampires are using the existing social unrest to feed more discreetly. In a rage, Henry carefully kills them all. The vampires he burns into cinders, the Renfields are all restrained and then shot twice in the head from point blank range. Henry also saved two young boys that night from a near certain death. He stormed into the Warden's office after he returned, yelling and screaming like a madman. As an end result, Luccio personally made Henry the Warden in charge of the Deep South, and gave Henry licence to use his position as he saw fit. Henry was right there for all of it. He was with Dr. Martin Luther King. He met with Malcolm X. He also dove into the supernatural world like nobody's business. He negotiated a peace treaty between the two main houses of white court vampires in the south. He has made any slight supernatural menace, and every major mundane event his own personal business. He let's nothing slide, if only to get a wrap up from the players if he was busy somewhere else. He even did free lance work for a special CDC vampire strike force. Henry stayed a very busy man. That is until this extremely powerful wizard was somehow shot in the back of the head with a 9mm handgun from point blank range, right in downtown Atlanta.

Henry exists to be a background character. He is to help tie the PC's together in the first place, and a place to start the new tension in ATL. Any thing that has him helping people up from adversity, trying to end old hatreds, or being a generally good human being will be in character for him. His death is meant to affect the entire power struggle in the south, with Atlanta being the epicenter of all of it.