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[event] SQL PASS Summit 2010 - Seattle, WA

Posted: Fri 09 Jul, 2010 05:45
by Rawhide

SQL PASS Summit is coming up again. Nov. 8 through 11 in Seattle, WA. It's the premier SQL Server event of the year and yours trully will be one of the presenters. If you're coming to the event drop by and say hello even if your not attending my session.

My session: Automating SQL Buildouts with Hyper-V and SQL Server R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 introduced support for sysprep for a SQL Server installation. This is a big leap in manageability of virtualized SQL Server environments. Sysprep allows you to roll out a preconfigured base image for virtual servers that can be easily completed on roll-out of the image to a new virtual server. This session will demonstrate how to implement the new sysprep functionality in SQL Server 2008 R2 when partnered with Hyper-V virtual server. The session will also explore ways to automate the rollout of the process of completing the SQL Server installation as part of the rollout process.

Robert Davis
Microsoft Corp.
Sr. Database Administration / Operations Engineer

Re: [event] SQL PASS Summit 2010 - Seattle, WA

Posted: Fri 09 Jul, 2010 09:56
by Chevalier Bayard
Congrats Mister ! :bounce:

I would love to be there but I doubt I'd have that opportunity soon enough.

When do you come to Microsoft University in Paris ? :D