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Demo scene

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Sun 09 Aug, 2009 15:35

Surfing on Youtube I've discovered that the Demo Scene still existed and was happy to see that.

If some of you don't see what I'm talking about, I'll explain very syntheticly.

The "Demos" are short computer animated demonstrations executed in real time presented by groups during "Demo parties" during which you have several challenges proposed to the groups contesting like: "your demo must not take more than 30ko", "you have 2 hours to make your demo in which we must see several mandatory animations", "here is a poem, you have 1 day to do the best demo inspired from it", and so on...

The interresting is that it mixes at the same time technical and artistic skills from the participants and usually groups included computer programming experts, musicians, 3D artists, ...

I used to be in that circle as a student, not as part of a demo-group, but mostly as during demo parties we also use to have huge lan parties, and "exchanges" :roll: :D

I also liked a lot to see what was presented there cause it was usually the state of the art. It's in a demo that I've seen the firts time "realistic" water, before seeing that in the game Unreal :)

I'm happy to see some movies now on youtube :)

Here are some examples, I hope more will come in this topic. Share some URLs if you have some as well :)

* plastic - 195-95

* Synesthetics - STS-03 Aeon Flux

* Fairlight, CNCD and Orange (already a great name of the demo scene in the 90s) - Media Error

* Armada - The Line Age

* Conspiracy - Chaos Theory

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