You know you like Queer as Folk when...

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You know you like Queer as Folk when...

Postby windowslive » Mon 03 Aug, 2009 07:17

1: You know every line in Queer as Folk before the actors even say them
2: You had hour long arguments online about Queer as Folk'stheme song and how it's "Shake it dude!" and not "Break it down!" (I personally think it's the 1st one)
3: You have all the soundtracks to Queer as Folk(even the Club Babylon edition!)
4: You stayed up till 2 in the morning discussing Queer as Folk online
5: Your ringtone is Queer as Folk's theme song (I know mine is )

Ok that's all I got for now! What can u guys come up with?

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