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Postby Yomghee » Mon 07 Nov, 2005 14:10

Air nuker

A simple Air nuker build inspired by an old Twigman build.


16 Air                    (12+Hat +Superior rune)
11 Energy Storage  (10+minor Rune)
8 Inspiration              

Air Staff, Wrapping of enchanting, Head Health +30

Air Attunement
Arcane Echo
Ether Renewal [elite]
Chain Lightning
Lightning Orb
Lightning Strike
Inspired Hex
Rez Signet

Usage notes:

Cast First Archane Echo then Ether Renwal to have have energy and life almost pernamently. Then Air Attunement and you can begin to spam your lightening spells. Inspered Hex is used to remove the naughty backfire.

Strengths: No pb of energy and you gain life in spaming with Ether renewal.You do big damage on a single target.

Weaknesses: If a Disrupter archer or warrior targeting you , you are in trouble. If you're targeted by all the opoment team you have no chance to survive except if you have Protection skills on u (life bond or barrier,  protective spirit .etc...).  Your life depend of the protectiv monk.

Combine with:  Anything. There is almost always a place for a good Air striker but thoses character are the weakest char in team and needs the protection of a monk spells.

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The n00bs Guide To Anti-Warrior

Postby Lich » Sun 23 Apr, 2006 21:49

Anti-W Necromanser (N/X)

Blood: 12 + X
Curses: 12 +1 + X
Soulreaping: 3

1) Vampyric Gaze
2) Life Siphon
3) Parasitic Bond
4) Enfeeble
5) Spiteful Spirit {E}
6) Faintheartedness
7) Remove Hex
8) RES

Strategy: Your job here is obviously to shut down warriors. The easiest way to do this is to use SS/Faintheartedness (+Enfeeble) and cover with Parasitic Bond. However, the SS can be used for a lot of other things in for example TA. You would think that casting SS on a monk would be a waste of energy, but if the monk is under heavy pressure from warriors the SS is a good choice. By casting SS you lower the monks self-healing capabilities and he is unlikely to notice it for a couple of seconds due to the knockdowns/pressure etc. Cast at the right time SS might help your warriors to take out the monk. The SS can also be used on spike-teams (elem/blood). They tend to group together and by using SS you can cause a lot of damage in a short time.

Back to warrior shut down. If you team have good communication you should be able to take advantage of stupid warriors fighting through SS, believing the monk can heal them all the time. Make the target of the warrior run close to the monk or some other fragile character and watch him frenzy while damaging large parts of the team. If it’s a double warrior team I usually cast SS+Parasitic Bond on warrior A followed by Faintheartedness+Life Siphon on warrior B (+Enfeeble whenever possible). If the warriors go for the same target (often the monk) try to alternate the SS between the two warriors (A and B) and watch them chop away each others health.

Life Siphon I mostly use to cause degen on multiple targets. It can be used to gain health (cast on multiple targets) in times when the pressure on the friendly monk is big (for eg when the opponents have 3 warriors). It’s also a good complement to teams involving spikers. A Life Siphon and/or Faintheartedness + parasitic Bond can ease up the target before the spike, making it more likely that the target dies. Remove Hex is mainly used to get particularly annoying hexes off yourself, for eg Migrane, Backfire and such. Vampyric Gaze is mainly used to gain fast health and to assist in spiking targets.

This is the build that I use most of the time, and it works well for me. Some of you might have similar builds or even builds better suited for the job, if you have please let me know.

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